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Leadership Development for Organizational Impact


Leadership development builds skills and knowledge while fostering experience and growth.  Organizational impact occurs through the mindful crafting and execution of goals.

I provide three coaching services to support Leadership Development for Organizational Impact:

  Executive and Leadership Coaching

  Change Management Coaching

                                                          Customized 360-Feedback

Executive and Leadership Coaching:  I coach a diverse range of professional leaders who want to become more effective and increase their organizational impact.  Together, we define your objectives, broaden your range of leadership skills, access your internal resources to grow as a leader, and chart a path to achieving your goals.  

Change Management Coaching:  I coach leaders specifically interested in understanding the human-dimension of change to effectively implement organizational initiatives.  We explore the organization's environment and identify what’s in place to support, and resist, the change.  We make the case for change in the context of the larger environment.  In this process, you will craft your change-message and prioritize activities in order to successfully execute change initiatives.

Customized 360-Feedback:  Employing a process customized to your development needs and interests, my 360-Feedback approach utilizes in-depth personal interviews with superiors, peers, and direct reports.  I will provide you with a comprehensive, written report and personal consultation.

If you would like more detailed information, please refer to my Services page. 

I utilize two powerful perspectives in my coaching.  With an MBA and over fifteen years real-world business experience, I understand the context of a leader's environment.  As a Board Certified, International Coach Federation credentialed, executive coach, I know how to work with leaders to develop themselves and accomplish their objectives.

If you are a leader for whom this information resonates, let's explore your situation together.  I work with clients in-person in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area and via phone or Skype outside this area.  Please contact me for an initial, exploratory conversation.